Welcome to Team Think, a group idea-sharing app that keeps everyone on the same page. With Team Think you can keep everyone up to date on work projects, work together to brainstorm an exciting presentation, and read students reactions to books for class. If you have any questions, complaints, or compliments please email us at TeamThinkApp@gmail.com.



Add Your Thoughts
Contributing a thought to Team Think is simple. When a user chooses the plus button in the top right corner a typepad and keyboard will come up. Once a user shares their idea and hits submit, the thought will be added to the team momentarily. Shorter versions of already submitted thoughts are on the left and can be seen in full view by clicking them. 



Show Your Support
The Brilliant! button lets users show support for an idea they like. Someone came up with a great name for the project? Tap Brilliant! to agree and the gray lightbulb will turn to yellow to show you’ve already voted. 



Add New Teams
All thoughts in Team Think are organized by user-created teams. With just a tap of the Create New Team button, a new committee, group, or class can get started sharing their ideas. 



See Who Agrees
To help great ideas stand out, the number of Brilliant! votes is displayed with each note. For a class reading an insightful thought about why a character acted the way they did may receive lots of brilliance while saying the two characters fell in love won’t have as much. It’s all based on what the team thinks are the best thoughts. 





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